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 Dark Fiction

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 " "the Doll" by Kevin McFarlane

                                             "'We can’t go back there, Missy. They’ll kill us.”
                                             “Then we’ve got to find somewhere to hide. I can’t run any more.”

                                              “It’s just a little further. You can make it, girl.”

                                              Missy tried. She really did. For Charlie’s sake, she urged herself forward

                                              and managed to convince her legs to keep pumping despite the stabbing

                                             throb biting into her calves.

                                             From around the corner, the sounds of pounding feet and angry voices.

                                             Oh no, the mob had followed them into the darkened alleyway. ..."   




"Demon Lover" by Lisa Mannetti

                                         "She was only with him once. Just that one time. It didn't make any

                                         sense to Annie that afterward she could not  quite get him out of her

                                         head. What had  he said—that she hadn't heard before? What, for that

                                         matter, had he done—that she hadn't done with scores of others?

                                         So, why, she thought, walking down Second Street was he lurking around

                                         the corners of her mind and—more terrible still—the center of her heart...."


"Post Scriptum" by Warner Scroggins"

                                        " The streets of Wheeler’s Heath were largely deserted after the early

                                        evening’s spectacle an hour before.   All that remained of the Grand

                                        Inquisitor’s  bonfire-cum-funeral-pyre was a twisting vine of smoke curling

                                        upwards to the sky from a bloom of soot and ash in the town square.  

                                         The black, crisped skeletons of heretics slumped amongst the smoking

                                        coals of their earthly doom."   



                                                            "Snowdrift" by Vera Searles         


                                                  "My name is Mary Elwood, and I am twenty-three years old.  

                                                    My husband is John  Elwood, twenty-eight....We are trapped in time.  

                                                   I don’t know why.   I cannot tell how long we have been like this, for

                                                   we are living the same day over and over.   I keep crossing days off the

                                                   calendar, but in the morning the last day crossed off is always

                                                  January 12.   The clock ticks, and never has to be rewound.   The fire

                                                   in the coal stove burns steadily without replenishment.   I write these

                                                   same words each day, and in the morning the paper is fresh and clean,

                                                   with no trace of writing or erasure...."







                                                 "The Hitchhiker" by The Old Wife          


                            Vincent Thatcher pulled off the interstate and turned onto Old Post Road . 

                                          Few people traveled that route; they much preferred taking Route 33,

                                          a two-lane highway that bisected the commercial area of town.  Route 33

                                          was lined with  fast food restaurants, department stores, strip malls,                                           townhouses and small businesses.  Old Post Road , on the other hand,

                                          was virtually deserted.  The houses were few and far between, and the

                                          only business—if you could call it that—was the old Woodvale Cemetery ....














Dark Non-Fiction


 Horrible Women:

An Appreciation of the Scream Queen

 by Robert Dunbar

                                       "Remember   what you most loved about scary movies when you were  

                                                 a kid? The chill that ratcheted up your spine when a shape emerged   

                                                 at the top of the stairs...                     

                                                 ...just as the heroine's candle went out?

                                                 Remember that delicious tingle of dread?" 

The Name of the Beast:

A Consideration of the Historical Werwulf

by Robert Dunbar

                                    " In a vile attempt to curry favor with the gods, Lycanon (according to Virgil)

                                             sacrificed an infant.The plan backfired when an outraged Zeus transformed

                                             him into a frothing reflection of his true inner self: the first lycanthrope."

Review: Evan Kingsbury's Fire & Flesh

            "" Spontaneous human combustion is one of those topics that horror

               fans are genuinely intrigued by; dictionary entries don't satisfy us any

          more than, say, episodes that treat the subject on a program like

              Unsolved Mysteries. Its allure runs deeper than that for those of us

               whose imaginations are--pardon the pun--sparked by the bizarre, the

                                               unusual, and the anomalous."


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