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                                     Lizzie Borden's House






                                           Each year several horror writers and artists who attend Necon--

                                           the NorthEastern Writers Conference--make a little pilgrimage

                                           to visit Lizzie on her birthday...and a few of us could not pass up

                                           the opportunity to stay overnight again.


                                           This year we added new crew members and we had a seance!


                                           Some of us are intuitive or psychic....and Lizzie and her

                                           ghostly confreres had a whole new batch of phenomena to

                                           show us--and to delight and terrify us with.



                                           No visit to the Lizzie Borden House is quite like any other.




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                                                  Read  "The Haunted Lizzie Borden House"        

                                                                A True Ghost Story






                                   My camera was haunted! It zoomed when it shouldn't have, flashed

                                         overbright or not at all....



                                          Luckily you can view eerie pics taken by a very talented photographer, Jason Salzarulo:






                                                                                                         The Lizzie Borden House - 2006


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First Floor, Parlor
Sitting Sitting Room; reproduction of sofa where Andrew was murdered
Photo of Andrew Borden's body


















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