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                                      King Street Cemetery and Strang Burial Ground



                                     On July 6th 2005, I visited a 19th C. cemetery near my home at 4 pm.

                                                          Even during daylight hours,

                                              ~ Spirit Energy appeared in several photos.



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                        Daylight Orb                                                                   Daylight Orb



                                     Unquestionably, there is a feeling of ghostly presence in this cemetery.

                           For me, it manifested as a feeling of compression in my chest and abdomen

                                                  and overall 'heaviness' or 'weightiness.'

                                      Which seems to be the way ghosts communicate to me.

                                                 I will certainly visit it again soon at night.



                                                       In the photos below, I think I may have captured apparitions:












                                                            A closer view of the photo above at King St. Cemetery.

                                                            I have placed question marks next to the white outlines

                                                               because I have some doubts about those images.

                                                           In the blue rectangles, though, 3 distinct apparitions appear.

                                                            The two on the left seem to be young girls or young women.






                             Strang Burial Ground, July 6 2005



                                       Adjacent to the King Street Cemetery, lies the Strang Burial Ground

                                       where several American Colonial Era settlers are buried.

                               This was a serendipitous find when I went to investigate King Street.

                               It is not visible from the road and I had no idea it existed!


                               Research (on my return):


                               Several genealogical websites show images; but since the memorial

                               describes "fieldstone" used for gravemarkers, I am uncertain

                               about markers displayed on those genealogical and ancestral based

                               sites because the stones seem less rough-hewn.





                                The Strang Family Marker:







                                       The Burial Ground:










                        Was someone (just beyond the range of the photo on the left-- taken a few seconds before I backed up                                                  and snapped what seems to be a blue orb)  watching?














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