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              Lower Hallway                                  TV Room                                       TV room


                                                    All three photos were taken on April 2nd, 2003 in the house where
                                         Tom and Huck live with their real-life owner....
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                                                       Two little girls have been seen in this house on occasion--
                                        though no children reside there now. The house is an ordinary

                                        raised ranch built about 40 years ago. Outside it is a wolf tree (in

                                        this case, a maple) that once led to an estate--now long gone.  

                                        The tree is approximately 200 years old.





                                   May 8th, 2003 -- 


                     The Office



Orb and a tear drop shape on grave-rubbing
from a stone in Fairfield, Conn dated 1797.

It has been hanging in the house 12 years.
The tear shape is not on the rubbing and
not from the flash; the next shot taken
immediately and from same angle showed
no anomalies.


                            Living Room


In the living room two orbs shimmer on the wall and ceiling.

To the left, another faint orb and a very brilliant  pinprick of white light--not usually there.


                                                                                             Living Room

Tom stares at another white pinprick of light,
fainter than the other, but not a speck of "carpet fluff."



                            Around the time these photos (above and below) were taken, a non-human sounding voice              was  heard in the house. Two friends of Tom and Huck's owner (who are

                      knowledgeable about ghosts), are fairly certain the voice belonged to the brother of the                      owner's  mother. He passed on years ago and apparently decided to come and visit. 

                     The owner thinks, of  her two uncles, it was most likely her mother's brother, Michael.



This photo was taken from outside the house in front. front. The residence was being painted  at the time and the shutters were removed, possibly stirring up the ghosts. There's an orb visible in the upstairs window.


And what looks like two girls

sitting on the inside steps.









                                      June 9th, 2004


                                Front                                               Tree with energy at its heart                   Behind the house

                                                                                      More than half has fallen

                                                                                      despite its being cabled.



                                     May 11th, 2004


On the day of her funeral, Tom and Huck's "Mama" pays a visit after

everyone has gone home. The family members who were there, felt a

very strong presence--Mama lived

here from 1954 till 2002 and everyone

thinks of this house as "home." Indeed,

Tom & Huck and their owners

will be living there sometime later

this year. In photos taken seconds

before and seconds later, no ectoplasm

is visible.


                                 Dining Room                               Ectoplasm      









                                 Mama's room                May 2005

Remodelling the 1918 house where Mama lived, typical before and after pictures are taken while removing wallpaper and then patching old walls underneath.


The Ectoplasm was a big surprise and only appeared in this photo.







                                Haunted Venice....

                            Venice is always magical. Without tourists it's a city of such infinite beauty and

                          romance it's almost unimaginable. One of the greatest gifts of fortune in my

                          life occurred in 2000 when I lived there in an apartment from February to May.

                          The area I lived in was populated by local people. I cooked dinners, shopped along

                          Garibaldi for bread, fish, vegetables, wine. I bought flowers.  I saw everything

                          I could, took countless photographs and wrote; I walked  for hours at a time.

                          During Carnivale I hunted down parts of the city where there were no "visitors";

                          and found them. Once Carnivale ended "we" Venetians had our city back...So,

                          I once saw San Marco at 6 am and no one was in  the entire square--the

                          "drawing room of Europe"  but me....I studied the maps assiduously before

                          I went, and never needed a guide book...or perhaps I'd just come home to a place

                          I lived before....I wandered streets safely all hours of the day and night,

                          saw massive cathedrals alone except the few clergy whispering over their beads.

                          Imagine this place--with its fog, the sound of heels clacking on the cobbles,

                          the bells tolling hours....the laughter of children mingling with ancient sighs

                          and the hush of dusk falling across courtyard squares.


                                 One Sunday I went to Burano....outside this house (left) I felt a distinct energy urging me away

                                from the entrance. I rushed on to look around the town more, but was still surprised when

                                the film was developed and I saw the distinct white ectoplasm.

                                In the second photo (right) I seem to have captured some odd looking faces and apparitions

                                which are not on any other rolls of the dozens I took. A figure with a terrified face and its

                                arms thrust out--as if to stop a fall--appears in the lower right hand corner.




                                        Burano                                              Venice








                                  Photos taken at a New York Cemetery, September 27, 2003.




Orb on right of coffin 



                                 Large red orb                                                 Rainbow "energy"













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