~by Charles Addams~

"This is your room. If you should need anything, just scream."

While you're a guest here,
don't miss a thing.


FOYER leads to:

        DINING ROOM leads to:
                TREE HOUSE leads to:
                        MYSTERY AT THE LAKE leads to:
                                SHREWSBURY HOVEL MURDER
                                MAGIC CARPET ADVENTURE
                        CEMETERY leads to:
                                GUEST BOOK

        LIVING ROOM leads to:

        LIBRARY leads to:
                DINING ROOM

        UPPER HALL leads to:
                LADY'S ALTAR ROOM leads to:
                        COMPUTER ROOM
                ATTIC leads to:
                        MYSTERY ROOM
                THE LOO

While you are a guest at the inn,
please be sure to check out
some interesting things we buried and you can dig up.
We have an on-site "crystal ball predictor", a wish fairy,
Madame LeNormand who tells fortunes,
resident ghosts, personalized Tarot readings,
fiction and non-fiction to read,
and even our own little shop where you can buy
items such as note cards, tote bags, and t-shirts
with your favorite images from The Chancery House.


Please have your speakers on throughout your stay.

In order to see all the hidden effects,
move your mouse carefully over all areas
of each room as well as the grounds of the house
--there's a lot to be discovered now--<<
and more to come.

Give each page time to load
to see all the images and backgrounds, etc.

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We don't want you to miss single thing during your stay with us!

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   Treehouse    Gardens    Sunporch    Conservatory    Cemetery

   Attic    Tower    Mystery Room    Old Burying Ground

   Mystery at the Lake    Magic Carpet Adventure    Shrewbury Hovel Murder

Free Gothic and Spooky E Cards        Gothic Cemetery Art

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Tile Boxes, Clocks, and More
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